Hello Guys! Welcome to MiMU STUDIO : Illustration and Graphic Design Studio

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PLoi's show reel 2019-2023

New Updates

Visit the asset
Visit the asset

Latest Asset

"2D SD Monster Pack" is available in Unity Asset Store. With WebGL Demo.


Portfolio which compile our works for our lovely client <3


Alfie got a new service for all game caster. Portraits or GIF for streaming.


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About US

Mi + MU

= Ploi + Alfie

After graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field of Communication Design in 2012, we spent years being graphic freelancers and 2D artist for many kinds of work such as print media, digital media and mobile game development.

Now we are...

- Unity Asset Store Publisher

- Games Maker

- And also 2D artists for hire



Visit our works in Unity Asset Store

What we do!

If you like our style, Please don't hesitate to contact us. Whether your project is big or small.
We are open for any opportunity that comes to us ;D

FREE Consult!

Let's have a chat about what you want us to do. We are happy to hear that.

Digital Media

We do artwork for games, applications, advertising and many more on your demand.

Print Media

Artwork for books, leaflet, brochure, etc. We can do it all.

2D Animation

Whether it's a .GIF, a banner, a clip, a sticker, a character's action or scene.

Focus On Your Need

Design artwork specificly for your business. Unique in style.


Freshly sqeezed from our brain in every project. Grows by good design resources.

High Quality

From sketches to design development. We make sure you will be satisfied in every step till you get the final out come.


We take your schedule seriously. We keep our promise on the deadline.

Work Remotely

We can work on your project even you are far away! We will keeping in touch with you as often as you want.

Digital Painting

We draw, we paint anything your heart desires. From cute cartoon, to concept art or even a world design.

Vector Artwork

For a clean cut and super resizable artwork. Vector is the way to go!



Take on the role of a farmer defending your family from the demon army. Throw projectiles at them, making sure every hit counts, and obliterate them all.


How does a shopkeeper live in an RPG world? He goes about his life, buying and selling items, assisting adventurers, and providing advice. One day, he secretly loots items from a defeated boss. However, he is later discovered and wrongly perceived as the boss slayer, leading to a pursuit by those seeking vengeance.


I miss playing single-player games with my friends.


Heaven no longer has good souls, and God is very displeased. A new generation of angels has secretly descended to retrieve the souls back to heaven.


In the Dungeon Crawler game, lost in hell with no way out, you must find a way to cleanse your own sins.

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