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"Beautiful. Cute, with a touch of funny. Love the art style."

- goldbug ★★★★★ (a review in Unity Asset Store)

Through out 2017 and 2018, we sold plenty copies of "80 Fantasy Skill Icons". Which is about 10% of what people bought from us. We are so amazed of how popular it is and decided to upgrade them. Now it is "150 Fantasy Skill Icons" with bigger image and better painting quality!

Popular Collection!

This PREMIUM line was an unexpected work we published for sale. It was made for our own project, but unfortunately we couldn't finish it. However it turned out to be a good source of income for our living every month. In 2017 it is 19% of our sale and then grow up to 32% in 2018 !!! Thanks for the crazy hard working back in the day, you guys probably can feel the inner of us.
It's a bit tricky to edit artwork though, tell us if you need anything :D

"Love the artwork!! Love the asset! These People are also super easy to work with and very responsive via email. i would def 100% buy from them again!!!"

- italicranger ★★★★★ (a review in Unity Asset Store)

2D Character

Medieval styled units with costumes and more than 200 animation clips!


Dark interior like prison, dungeon, basement, catacomb, etc.

PREMIUM Workshops

Interior of blacksmith, potion shop, kitchen, workstation, etc.


Cozy interior of a house, tavern, shops or whatever your heart desires. 


Countryside landscape like a farm, field, livestock, etc.

More Products!

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2D SD Character V.1

7 classic classes: Folk, Archer, Mage, Priest, Knight, Monk, Ninja

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2D SD Character V.2

7 classic classes: Acolyte, Barbarian, Crusade, Musketeer, Samurai, Thief, Wizard

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2D SD Character V.3

7 feminine classes: Dancer, Knight, Lady, Nun, Merchant, Peasant, Witch

2D SD Character Human Pack

Combination of 2D SD Character V.1 V.2 and V.3
With Unity Software sprite library system and cute essential animations.

2D SD Monster Pack

Slime, Worm, Crow, Rat and more. With Unity Software sprite library system. Cute essential animations available only in Unity Asset Store!

2D Domestic Animal 1

Pinky Pig, Pig, Boar, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Bull, Alpaca, Chicken, Duck + their babies

2D Domestic Animal 2

Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Cat, Dog
Along with their babies

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2D Wild Animal 1

Coming soon!

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Item Icon Pack V.1

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2D Food Ingredients

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2D Potion Icons

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150 Skill Icons

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Other asset

130 objects: Plants, Ore, Crystal, Fragments, Logs, Skins, Furs, Scales, Food

Items icons: Meat, Eggs, Seafood, Veggies, Mushrooms and Processed food

Item icons: 20 shapes of bottle
Liquid inside with 11 colour variations, ropes and tag

Fantasy Themed: Buff, Debuff, 
Attack, Heal, Magic, Melee, Range, Etc.

Coming soon!