Payout every Friday


Fee : 

If you opt to use Gumroad for free, you will be able to: 

Create an account and create as many products as you want

Sell as many products as you want

Send out 4 updates per month

Set up 1 workflow

Customize the colors of your product backgrounds and background

Then the fee we take on each sale will be 8.5% + $0.30 (USD) per sale.


Using Gumroad Discover

Gumroad creators using Gumroad for free will pay 18.5% + $0.30 on every sale made through the Discover feature.


There are no file size limits based on what level of Gumroad you are using. The largest single file you can upload to Gumroad is 16GB. There are no limits to how many files you can upload to Gumroad. 

If you create a product that's a "Pay What You Want" product - in other words, its price is "$0+," the product can only be 25 MB in size. With a premium account, that goes up to 250 MB. 


We refund your customer 100% of what they have paid. 


Customer support

We leave purchase updates (i.e. changes to shipping info), refunds/cancellations (which can be handled through the Customers tab), and other questions specific to your product up to your discretion.



On Gumroad, you are in charge of refunding your customers. Decide on a refund policy, and communicate it clearly with your clients in your receipt text, or in the bottom of your product descriptions.



A chargeback happens when someone pays for your product, then disputes that charge with their payment provider (PayPal or a credit card agency). Typically chargebacks are used for fraud, when a card or account is compromised, but they can be issued at other times too.

Chargebacks are an unfortunate (but necessary) side effect of processing payments online. They happen only rarely, and Gumroad is limited by regulatory laws and banking policies in how we can respond, but we always fight to get your money back for you.

Gumroad covers all chargeback fees for you, but chargebacks are deducted automatically from your account just as a refund would be. You do not pay any fees for refunds or chargebacks.


The Best Shapes For Cover Images (in pixels):

Wide rectangle: 670 x 335 
Tall rectangle: 670 x 500

If you upload a background image, the best size is 1200 x 800 pixels at 72 DPI


You can also upload a video file as your background. We recommend that you use only MP4 filetypes that are sized at 1200 x 800 pixels. 


Customizing your background

Add a background image or video to further personalize your product page. Do all of this using the menu on your products preview page, where you can see just what your customers see when they buy from you.

Recommended dimensions for backgrounds are 1200x800 pixels at 72dpi.


The largest size that a product priced as '$0+' can be is 25 MB. 

If you are using Premium Gumroad, the largest that a '$0+' product can be is 250 MB. 


Add a cover

The cover is the first thing that people will see when they view your product. It's a great way to add visual personality to your product and offer a preview of what's to come. You can create a preview of up to 8 images, video files, audio tracks, or just link to Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud links.